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Know how to handle a loss of power to your low-pressure wastewater disposal system during a storm.
The 2016 Water Quality Report offers details about the quality of this utility’s potable water and the results of sampling and testing conducted throughout the year.
Utility Systems is auctioning 2005 60KW Generac Generators with Rocket Trailers online to the highest bidder.
Utility Systems is recruiting kids to join our Water Force during Water Conservation Month.
Saving water means saving on your water bill too.
We can help you set up your online account in less than 5 minutes.
St. Lucie County school students created posters depicting a water conservation idea in the “Drop Savers” Poster Contest.
You'll see the savings on your utility bill when you make a few simple changes at home.
Private companies are trying to persuade residents to purchase water filtration equipment.
Pay your bill a whole new way with several new features.

Easier access to Customer Service

Monday 19 September 2016
From dedicated parking spaces to an efficient numbering system, meeting with a highly-trained representative is even more convenient.
We've adopted a mile of roadway in our neighborhood to help keep clean and litter-free.

Kids can help conserve water at home

Thursday 8 December 2016
Save big money on your bill when your kids do these small things.
Our partnership provides the ability to obtain supplemental water resources in an emergency.