Customers learn what happens after the flush

Thursday 5 May Customers learn what happens after the flush

Utility Systems hosted its second Lunch & Learn event in this quarterly series at the Port St. Lucie Community Center on April 22. The topic, “Understanding the Wastewater Collection and Treatment Processes,” was discussed by a panel of experts including Wastewater Collections Supervisor Joe Hood, Lift Stations Crew Leader Eric Perez, and Glades Wastewater Treatment Plant Chief Operator John Lamb. Assistant Manager of Community Outreach Jenny Tomes led the group through a discussion about the different kinds of sewer systems in the City, plus, how they operate and function within the collection system. Attendees learned about the damage “flushable” wipes can cause, as well as how wastewater is treated to make reuse.

Feedback surveys showed that all attendees found the presentation to be either “extremely valuable” or “very valuable.” They also described the panelists as being  either “extremely knowledgeable” or “very knowledgeable.” The attendees were given pre and post-tests with three questions that tested their knowledge about wastewater, the sewer collection system, and wipes. The results showed 94% learning gains after hearing the presentation.

South State Bank is sponsoring the event series, which continues on July 15, where the topic will be “Understanding the Water Treatment and Distribution Process.” A panel of experts will explain, discuss, and answer questions about the origins of Port St. Lucie’s drinking water and how it is treated before being sent out into the distribution system. The last event in the series, to take place on October 14, will focus on the hazards of fats, oil, and grease (FOG) in the sewer system.

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Jenny Tomes, APR
Assistant Manager - USD Community Outreach
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