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Utility Systems kicks off summer with camp presentations

Thursday 21 June Utility Systems kicks off summer with camp presentations

Kids of all ages in St. Lucie County can learn about Port St. Lucie Utility Systems’ (PSLUS) water and wastewater treatment processes, as well as water conservation this summer. The presentations are tailored for age groups 3 through 12 years old and include hands-on activities, educational videos, and take-home materials.

The kids learn about where our water comes from, how we treat it, and how they can help protect it. Participants will make a water cycle wristband and assemble a water filtration system. The wastewater presentation teaches kids about how wastewater is treated and the ways they can help maintain our sewer system. They also participate in a toilet paper versus “flushable” wipes demonstration.

After implementing the education and outreach program in 2016, more than 1,200 St. Lucie County children were reached through presentations during the school year and summer. This past school year, more than 500 kids from 5 schools participated in the presentations, and PSLUS is on track to surpass last summer’s camp visits. 

Education and outreach is a priority for PSLUS, as well as an opportunity to bring awareness to the many ways we can all help keep our environment thriving. Children can lead the way when they understand how their actions can impact and influence those around them. 

Learn more about Port St. Lucie Utility Systems’ education and outreach efforts.

To schedule a summer camp presentation, call Jenny Tomes at (772) 871-5131 or send an email to jtomes@cityofpsl.com.

For more information, contact:
Jenny Tomes
Project Coordinator-Utility Outreach
(772) 871-5131