Inspector retires after 49 years of service

Tuesday 25 May Inspector retires after 49 years of service

After spending a combined total of 49 years with General Development Corporation (GDC), St. Lucie County, and now the City of Port St. Lucie, Inspector Keith Fultz has retired from Utility Systems.

Keith literally helped build the foundation of Port St. Lucie and everything below it. He has seen decades of development and growth, leadership and change.

His fellow employees, as well as several contractors he’s worked with over the years, came together to celebrate Keith in May and give him a proper sendoff.

Keith, we cannot thank you enough for your dedication to this utility. Your knowledge and experience has been such an asset. You will truly be missed!

For more information, contact:
Jenny Tomes, APR
Utility Marketing Coordinator
(772) 871-5131  

Group photo of Utility Systems employees

Keith Fultz: first row, second from left, circa mid 80s