Utility Systems 1.5% rate increase

Tuesday 15 August Utility Systems 1.5% rate increase

A rate increase of 1.5% went into effect on October 1, 2023. As an example, an average bill for 5,000 gallons of usage per month is $91.81. The proposed 1.5% increase will raise it to $93.19.

Why are the rates increasing?

A recently completed rate study evaluated Port St. Lucie Utility Systems' budget and finances. It factored in growth, operating costs, repair and rehab costs and funding needed for long-term capital improvements. The study recommended incremental annual rate increases of 1.5% for water and sewer.

What does the nominal increase cover?

The rate increase will provide funding needed to cover increased daily operating costs, increased costs associated with meeting state and federal water and wastewater treatment regulations, and funds for the renewal and replacement of aging infrastructure.

For more information about the proposed increase, watch the Special City Council Meeting 7/24/23.

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