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"Pigs" squeeze through wastewater pipe to help with flow

Monday 7 January

Maintaining the cleanliness of a wastewater pipe sounds like an oxymoron—however, it's an extremely important part of Port St. Lucie's sewer system maintenance program. More than 1,000 miles of sewer main make up the vast sewer system, and over time, grease and debris build up in and around the pipes. The build-up impedes the maximum amount of wastewater flow through the pipes to the treatment plants.

To make the flow more efficient, "pigs" constructed of various densities of foam, and shaped like the inside of the pipe, are propelled through the force main to loosen and push the grease and debris down the line where it will eventually be treated.

An 8.5 mile stretch of sewer main, from Floresta Dr. to Bayshore Blvd. to Macedo Blvd., is currently being "pigged." This work will take between one and two weeks to complete, and during this time, customers will not be affected, however you may notice trucks set up at different lift stations on the route.

Maintaining system efficiency and environmental compliance are imperative to providing a high level of service for our customers, and Utility Systems is doing it one pig at a time!

Learn more about the ways you can help prevent FOG (fats, oils grease) from entering our sewer system.

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