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“Uplifting” training earns certification

Friday 9 July “Uplifting” training earns certification

Port St. Lucie Utility Systems facilitates training for employees who are required, or may be asked, to operate a forklift as part of their responsibilities. Warehouse staff are required to operate forklifts as they must move and store large parts and materials required for the installation and maintenance of water and wastewater services. Additionally, Electricians and Facility Maintenance employees may need to operate forklifts.

In June several employees participated in the two-hour classroom safety training, as well as the field training, which tests their abilities to perform a pre-inspection of the forklift, pick up a load, deposit a load, go up and down a slope, and safely park. They must also pass a 30-question test in order to become certified.

Utility Systems has three different kinds of forklifts, and separate certifications are required for each. Congratulations to those employees who are now certified forklift operators!

  • Layton Albury
  • Tom Miller
  • Sebastian Parra
  • Alexander Hlavsa
  • Donald Birth
  • Sebastian Parra
  • Stacy Iovieno  

For more information, contact:
Jenny Tomes, APR
Utility Marketing Coordinator
(772) 871-5131