REMINDER: Don't flush wipes

Friday 13 March REMINDER: Don't flush wipes

If you've been out shopping, you may have noticed the shelves are missing everything from hand sanitizer to toilet paper. Port St. Lucie Utility Systems would like to remind everyone that you can certainly use wipes in lieu of toilet paper, just don't flush them—even the ones that say "flushable." Flushing wipes of any kind down the toilet will wreak havoc on the sewer system, either on your end or ours. Technically, wipes are flushable—and so is a twenty dollar bill, but those things will not break down anytime soon. Toilet paper dissolves quickly whereas wipes stay intact in the water. The wipes will clump together and create clogs. We ask that you throw wipes away and only flush toilet paper and human waste. Our sewer system will thank you!

Watch this video to see how toilet paper and wipes compare when wet

For more information, contact:
Jenny Tomes
Utility Marketing Coordinator
(772) 871-5131