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Water Woman spreads Earth Day message

Thursday 5 May Water Woman spreads Earth Day message

Oxbow Eco-Center’s annual Earth Day Festival attracted 7,000 people on April 23 to its wide variety of environmentally-friendly exhibitors, including Port St. Lucie Utility Systems featuring Water Woman. Kids enjoyed spinning the water wheel to learn more about conservation and protecting our precious resources. Water Woman also taught kids about the states of water and the atoms that bond together to form it. Francis FOGberg, Water Woman’s nemesis, was on-hand to show kids what not to flush and explain how they can help protect the sewer system.

This is the 18th year the Oxbow Eco-Center has hosted this event, which is dedicated to celebrating Earth and bringing together all who are rooted in hope.

You can catch Water Woman representing Port St. Lucie Utility Systems at Port St. Lucie Pride Fest on Saturday, May 7 from 12 to 6 p.m. at the MIDFLORIDA Event Center.

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