Solar system to power critical lift stations

Thursday 11 April Solar system to power critical lift stations

In order to maintain normal monitoring and communications operations, several critical lift stations will be upgraded with solar panels and/or a 24-hour uninterruptible power supply (UPS) by June 1—the start of hurricane season.

The solar panels will be used to charge the batteries which power the low-voltage equipment at these lift stations. Should there be an interruption in FP&L power because of a storm, for example, the fiber optic network will remain active allowing for communication between critical facilities and monitoring of lift stations.

Additionally, the UPS at multiple lift stations which cannot accommodate solar panels, will be upgraded to a larger capacity, extending the run-time in the event of an emergency.

These upgrades will eliminate or greatly reduce the need to transport generators to these lift stations after a power loss, which allows for more efficient response times and greater network reliability.

For more information, contact:
Jenny Tomes
Utility Marketing & Digital Video Coordinator
(772) 871-5131