Utility Systems not affiliated with mailings questioning water quality

Thursday 26 January Utility Systems not affiliated with mailings questioning water quality

A recent series of mailings to residents in this community are in no way affiliated with Port St. Lucie Utility Systems or represent the status of our water quality. The mailings cite excessive rainfall for having affected our water and encourage residents to fill out the card to schedule an appointment to have their water tested. A sales representative with a private company will then test a sample of your water and try to persuade you to buy water softening or filtration equipment.

Utility Systems Director Brad Macek reiterates that, “the water provided by Port St. Lucie Utility Systems Department is clean, safe, great tasting and continues to meet all Federal and State requirements.” The most recent Annual Water Quality Report is available on our website. This comprehensive report is published annually in compliance with Federal Legislation and includes results from recent sampling and testing.

Should you receive this post card mailing, please keep in mind the following points:

  • The City performs thousands of tests on its water each year to ensure that it meets all regulatory standards
  • All City Utility Systems field employees drive identifiable vehicles with the City logo on them, they wear City-issued uniforms and display City-issued photo ID badges
  • The City does not draw water from the North Fork of the St. Lucie River. Approximately 80 percent of the water distributed by the City is pumped out of the Floridan Aquifer that flows underground at a depth of approximately 1,000 feet. The remainder of our raw water is drawn from shallow aquifer wells.

If you have concerns about your City water or service, please contact Utility Systems at (772) 873- 6400 or by email at utility@cityofpsl.com.

Port St. Lucie Utility Systems is dedicated to providing the highest possible level of support for its customers, as well as leading the water and wastewater utility industry by protecting our environment and natural water resources, and relying on innovative operating and maintenance processes.

For more information, contact:
Jenny Tomes
Utility Marketing and Digital Video Coordinator
(772) 871-5131

Actual letter to resident from private company questioning water quality