Kids journey to the end of the flush

Tuesday 14 May Kids journey to the end of the flush

Kids were on the business-end of the wastewater treatment process during their tour of the Glades Wastewater Treatment Plant. This homeschool group examined rotifers—microorganisms that help clean the wastewater—under the microscope, then saw them at work in the aeration basins feasting on the wastewater. They learned about what not to flush and saw first-hand how those non-flushable items are separated out and taken to the landfill.

Nothing is wasted at the wastewater treatment plant. The solids are removed and used by compost or fertilizer companies. And the brown water at the beginning of the process is treated, which makes it completely clear by the end, and is turned into reuse to water lawns and golf courses. 

This experience made the group more appreciative of the importance of protecting our sewer system and the treatment process.

The kids were even treated to edible sludge cakes

See more photos from the tour.

Watch this video to learn more about the wastewater treatment process.

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