This Process Flow Chart will outline the steps of the construction phase process.

Pre-Construction Meetings

A Pre-Construction meeting will be held at PSLUSD after plan approval/permitting and prior to the start of construction. Personnel who should attend are the EOR, property owner, underground contractor, surveyor, and geotechnical engineer.

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Inspections and testing of materials and workmanship are performed by the EOR/Contractor/Sub-Contractors and witnessed by the City throughout the construction phase of the project.

Prior to leak testing, certain documents are required to be submitted:

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Utility Work Completion Inspection

PSLUSD will schedule the utility work completion inspection 7 calendar days after receipt of a complete Utility Work Completion Inspection Package. A passing Utility Work Completion Inspection requires that there aren't any deficiencies in either the entire package or the field inspection.

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Acceptance and Turnover

After achieving a passing final inspection, the complete acceptance package can be submitted to the PSLUSD. The acceptance package will be reviewed within 7 calendar days. Permits must be certified/have clearance at this time. For FDEP permits, the PSLUSD will sign the FDEP certification forms for the EOR to submit to FDEP.

After permit clearance and package approval, the project will be accepted. Upon acceptance of the project and permit certification, the work order for the setting of the water meter and the installation and testing off the backflow assembly (domestic only) will be issued with the work usually done in 1 to 2 business days. Water and/or wastewater facilities can become active, and monthly billing will start at this time. PSLUSD will now own and maintain the facilities.

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